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August 24, 2016

Learning how to use essential oils around the home doesn't stop at cleaning. Below are 7 powerful ways to utilize the strength of your essential oils.

  • We add 1 drop of tea tree to the sink when we're washing dishes.

  • We also add a few drops of our favorite essential oils to the washing machine, to the wet clothes before they go in the dryer, or misted on fabric before they are dried on a clothes lines. (I would recommend avoiding citruses sprayed directly on clothes before they go out in the sun as this may result in fading.)

  • Household essential oil uses include oils like Lemon that will remove many stains, and Lime VERY effectively removes gum, stickers, and other residue from most surfaces.

  • Many oils have natural purifying and cleansing properties and can be added to natural household cleaners, such as sprays, carpet deodorizers, furniture polish (lemon specifically for that one), and so on. Try mixing your favorite aroma with baking soda for a carpet powder before vacuuming.

  • And you can even add oils or oil blends to household paint, craft paint or supplies, children's dough, etc to create a more pleasant aroma. The ratio will vary depending on what you're using it for, anything from 2-3 drops for dough to a whole bottle for a gallon of paint.

  • Peppermint will easily repel ants and many other crawling insects that like to invade the home. Place a few drops on a cotton ball and hide around the entrances of your home, windows, behind the fridge, etc.

  • And some insect repelling essential oils are AMAZING for mosquitos, and other biting insects. They can also be used to repel household insects, too.



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