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Do you have an Essential Oils Lover on your gift list this year? If so, then you’re lucky you found this page, and we’ll just throw out a “You’re Welcome” in advance! Click any image to see product!

Really though, Essential Oil lovers are everywhere, ranging from the young to the old, the health-nuts, the chronically ill, the average joe - literally everyone I know either loves essential oils or knows someone who does… So we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 products (most under $25!) that will make those essential oils lovers love YOU even more!

1. In Car Diffuser

This is by far the coolest and hottest selling item on this list. 1) Because your Essential Oil enthusiast friends probably have never heard of it… (cool points for you!) and 2) because you can literally diffuse anytime you are in the car… As if the small stream of amazingly scented oil vapor didn’t look cool enough, it also smells divine and carries with it all the stress relieving and healing benefits of diffusing EO’s while you sit in traffic. (4 colors available)


2. Lava Stone Diffusing Bracelets



Jewelry will never get old. Ladies love receiving it and guys can take solace in the fact that their gift of jewelry will likely never be a let down. Well in this case, the latter remains true. These simple, trendy bracelets do more than adorn the wrist though… Simply add essential oils directly to the porous lava stone beads and your oils are being diffused slowly all day long - straight from your body! Plus ranging in price from $12 to $15, they are truly a steal!


3. More Essential Oils


Unique Blends

What’s one thing Essential Oil fans can’t get enough of…? More Essential Oils, of course! Except these from Vitality Extracts won’t break your bank! Guaranteed at the highest quality - from trusted, sustainable farmers - these 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils are equal in quality to doTerra and Young Living oils and near half the price!


4. Stylish Diffusing Necklaces

Back on the jewelry train… Let your Essential Oil Lover keep their oils close to their heart with any one of these gorgeous diffusing necklaces. Elegant, stylish, healthy and affordable - everything you could want in a piece of jewelry or gift. 


5. Home/Office Diffusers

So those all look cool, but you want to show them you love them with more than something small… That, or you already have all the items in this list (kudos to you!) Then check out these USB diffusers. These are perfect for work or home! I have one in each of my bathrooms, my bedroom and one in the living room. One can never have too many diffusers! LED Diffusers | Wood Grain Diffuser


Ok, well that’s it for now! This should give you all the ammo you need to get the Essential Oil lovers in your life an amazing gift at a reasonable price! Use the links below to follow Vitality Extracts on Facebook and Instagram for more awesome oil accessories like these!

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November 10, 2016

I’m getting bracelets for all my girlfriends who love oils. We use doTerra but I migt have to give these oils a try at this price

Jenn S.
Jenn S.

November 10, 2016

I bought the car-diffuser from here and love it! I threw in a couple essential oil blends with it to get Free Shipping. Very impressed with the quality.

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