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Chakra Cleansing Bundle

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Chakra Cleansing Bundle

Each of the chakras are represented by a different color. These bracelets can be worn to achieve the intended balancing and healing effects for each chakra.

What's included:

7 Bracelets: Crown Chakra Bracelet (purple), Third Eye Chakra Bracelet (indigo), Throat Chakra Bracelet (blue), Heart Chakra Bracelet (green), Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet (yellow), Sacral Chakra Bracelet (orange), Root Chakra Bracelet (red); 

1 Bottle of Oil: Balance Essential Oil (10ml)

About Lava Rocks: Rocks that form when volcanoes erupt magma (lava) onto the surface of the earth and the magma cools. Lava beads are porous and can absorb the oil of your choice.

Directions: I suggestapplying just a drop or two of essential oil to the black lava beads. The scent will last a day if not more. You can use any of your favorite essential oils.

Materials:Natural stones including Amethyst, Lava Stone, Pyrite, Copper

Size: Adjustable from 16.8 cm to 26 cm

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