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Healthy Scalp is a custom formulated blend of 8 natural plant oils proven to help:

  • Alleviate dry, itchy & irritated scalp
  • Increase blood flow for hair growth
  • Strengthen vessels to reduce hair loss
  • Deliver vital nutrients to the scalp
  • Stop baldness enzyme w/ antioxidants
  • Activate keratin proteins for growth

8 Plants. 1 Blend.

All Natural Scalp Rehab & Regrowth Serum

Healthy Scalp is a plant-based hair and scalp therapy that reconditions and repairs hair while moisturizing and soothing the scalp. Made of only 8 pure, follicle strengthening essential oils, expertly formulated to support a healthy scalp for stronger hair roots and healthy hair growth.

Turmeric Oil

Curcuma Longa

A powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial that increases blood flow to the scalp for optimal hair growth.8

Peppermint Oil

Mentha Piperita

Helps to alleviate dryness, itchiness and irritations of the scalp that prevent hair growth.9

Sesame Oil

Sesames Indicum

An antioxidant that eliminates inflammation around hair roots to prevent thinning and hair fall.7

Brahmi Leaf

Centella Asiatica

Nourishes scalp to reduce inflammation and strengthens blood vessels to prevent hair loss.3

Amla Fruit

Phyllanthus Emblica

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients that neutralize the so-called “baldness enzyme,” 5-alpha reductase.1,2

Chili Seed Oil

Capsicum Annum

A natural phytochemical that stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and delivers vital nutrients.10

Bhringraj Leaf

Eclipse Alba

High in alkaloids that activate keratin.6

Bacopa Herb

Bacopa Monniera

Full of natural proteins responsible for hair growth. 3,4,5

Only The Best Plant Extracts From Around The World

Each oil has been 3rd party GC/MS tested for purity and is free of any synthetics, pathogens, parabens, or preservatives. We source our oils directly from where the plants grow natively and only from the finest Ayurvedic farms that provide clean, sustainable and ethical operations.

Over 10,000 happy customers fell in love with their hair again

Healthy scalp is helping me!
"Healthy scalp is helping me regrow my hair! Excellent product. I now have many new hairs sprouting. Wonderful!!"
Carol H.
Clear scalp
"I really like it. I had scabs and raw spots from allergic reaction to some shampoos. That is all cleared up now. I just use 2 drop before bed and rub it in well, then I shampoo my hair in the morning."
Dawn K.
"This oil is great. I used about 4 drops and add with my shampoo or conditioner my scalp get a tingling feeling, and have seen new hairs coming it. Great product I use this and hair envy."
Michelle R.
"I’ve only been using a short time but i’ve already noticed the benefits of scalp relief from psoriasis, which i’ve dealt with for years."
Morgan V.
So far so good!
"A nice scent and easy to add to my routine! Follow the directions carefully and the product will work great! Still early to tell the overall results but happy so far."
Danielle F.
"Use a couple times per week . Massage into scalp at bedtime. Have less build up. Good product. Well worth the $$."
Cindy D.
Nice smell and healthy
"I can see growing my hair and split end less wow. I love it! I love smell. Finally no more itching my scalp and hard time look for healthy not too dry and want to be softly hair. I am still positive and wait see it."
Laura W.
"I love using shampoos and conditioners with refreshing scents/ingredients because they awaken my senses, and vitality extracts' healthy scalp is complementary to my hair routine. Loving it so far!"
"My scalp feels awesome and my hair is getting thicker.love it"
Melody R.
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Nourish, Grow & Strengthen Hair

Nourishes the Scalp
Healthy Scalp deep cleans and nourishes the scalp allowing for fuller hair growth with ease.
Promotes Hair Growth
Healthy Scalp stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to trigger growth and support long healthy hair.
Strengthens Hair
Healthy Scalp works deep into the hair follicles, unclogging them to strengthen the root and prevent damage.
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How to Use
Healthy Scalp

Step 1: Prepare
Comb through hair, damp or dry, to prevent tangling for easy application.
Step 2: Apply
Use dropper to apply oil to roots and scalp. Apply additional 3-5 drops to fingertips and massage oil into roots to stimulate scalp.
Step 3: Rinse & Repeat
Leave in for 5 minutes & Rinse. Repeat 2-3 times a week as needed.
Pro/Quick Tip: Mix a few drops with your favorite conditioner for easy daily use

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