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“Immunity has been a life saver in our home this cold and flu season. We use it around the clock and has helped our immune system fight and keep germs from coming our way.”
- Courtney S.
“I work at a school with kids who are constantly sick. I wear Immunity daily and I love the scent. This winter I haven't been sick and I would highly recommend this for daily use.”
- Debbie L.
“Last year I got sick with a cold, it was bad and took a month to get over! I don’t have health insurance or a family doctor so this year I am counting on Immunity...so far so good!”
- Brynn K.


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All Natural Extracts

Immunity is a powerful blend of 5 therapeutic essential oils to support and defend your immune system. These broad spectrum plant extracts help protect you from germs and illnesses like the cold and flu.

Mother Nature to the rescue!

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"Simply Amazing"
"I absolutely love this oil. I have been using it for over a month now and I can definitely feel a major change in my immune system, a reduction in anxiety, and improvement with memory retention."
Blieka D.
"Kindergarten Hero"
"I use this in my diffuser in my kindergarten classroom and everyone loves how wonderful it smells. I also used it when fighting an illness and I believe it helps me heal more quickly."
Sarina H.
"I am pretty new to EO. I have ordered several oils from several companies. THIS is the best smelling oil I have. It smells so fresh and clean, hard to explain but you can smell all of the ingredients. Its the best quality! "
Melinda T.
"My favorite blend!"
"My favorite essential oil blend! Glad this was available on sale. I love it and use it regularly so I appreciate getting it for less than full price. Thank you for a great product and for your generosity in pricing. "
Amy O.
"Immunity blend"
"I have only been using this blend for 3 days and I am very impressed. I have been suffering with allergies and just after these few days I feel like I can breathe again."
Elizabeth A.
"Smells amazing!"
"As a mother of 3 it seems like someone at our house is always getting sick and putting the rest of us at risk. On top if applying it topically I like to use Immunity to clean counters and door handles. Thank you!"
Susan M.
"I love this stuff. I use it in my defuser at night and I have the roll-on that I use on my bracelet and feet. It really works for me! And the smell is incredible with a balanced scent of all the oils."
Tamara F.
"Best defense"
"Not only is this a pleasant sent but when I use it in my diffuser I immediately feel relief of my sinus pressure. I have tried several other defense blends but vitality extract’s is the most pleasing."
Sheryl C.
"Immunity Boost"
"I could feel my airways opening as soon as I opened the bottle. Wonderful product. It's great to see it on sale when it is so badly needed these days. The bracelets are beautiful too!"
Christine G.


Safe & Effective for All Ages!

Immunity is the most effective all natural way to protect yourself and family from germs and viruses.

your natural defenses

Immunity is a safe, powerful, all-natural alternative to support your immune system.

your immune system

The nutrient rich extracts in Immunity help your body respond to threats and sickness.

yourself & family

Safe and effective for all ages, Immunity protects the whole family.

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How To Use


The Easiest Way To Protect
You & Your Family

Promote a strong and healthy immune system with Immunity. Safe and effective for the entire family, Immunity’s all natural formula is made of just 5 all natural plant extracts from clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. All 5 of these ingredients assist in supporting a healthy immune system and general wellness.


Create an immune barrier in your home and office to boost your immunity, purify the air and protect your health.


Apply to the skin or jewelry for immediate immune support, add to your bath for soothing comfort.


Replace dangerous disinfectants and air fresheners to keep personal spaces clean.

All Natural Extracts

Each oil has been 3rd party GC/MS tested for purity and does not contain any synthetics, pathogens, parabens, or preservatives. These are 100% pure, all-natural, therapeutic-grade oils. No fragrances. No preservatives. No parabens. Just pure plant extracts found from around the world.

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Save 70% and get FREE shipping when you order 3 bottles!

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